SO! Podcast #73: NYC Highline Soundwalk

This post originally appeared on SoundingOut! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD:  SO! Podcast #73: NYC Highline Soundwalk SUBSCRIBE TO THE SERIES VIA ITUNES ADD OUR PODCASTS TO YOUR STITCHER FAVORITES PLAYLIST In a recent profile, New Yorkmagazine’s Justin Davidson called the NYC High Line, a “tunnel through glass towers,” an urban beautification project that had been designed with local real estate prices in mind, which […]

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Journal of Radio and Audio Media Article – Podcasting the Past: Hardcore History, Fandom, and DIY Histories

Abstract This article discusses the podcast Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History as a work of fan (non)fiction and a significant intervention by an amateur, non-historian into a discourse typically dominated by scholars and professionals. Frequently listed among the top “Society and Culture” podcasts on iTunes, in Carlin’s hands podcasting technology has been used as a means of engaging […]

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Hardcore Historian: The Amateur as Expert

This post originally appeared on In Media Res. Curator’s Note In the past ten years, podcasting has often been characterized as a disruptive technology, capable of opening new digital spaces for independent, grassroots content production and distribution. But can podcasting also change the way in which we understand historical expertise and historical discourse? For Dan […]

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